7. Frequently Asked Questions

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7.1. Why?

The most commonly asked question at this stage is: why build picraft at all? Doesn’t mcpi work well enough? It certainly works, but it’s inconsistent with PEP-8 (camelCase everywhere, getters and setters, which always leads to questions when we’re teaching it in combination with other libraries), wasn’t Python 3 compatible (when I started writing picraft, although it is now), has several subtle bugs (Block’s hash, Vec3’s floor rounding), and I’m not particularly fond of many of its design choices (mutable vectors being the primary one).

There have been many attempts at extending mcpi (Martin O’Hanlon’s excellent minecraft-stuff library being one of the best known), but none of the extensions could correct the flaws in the core library itself, and I thought several of the extensions probably should’ve been core functionality anyway.